Delta Sphinx Family



Eight young men, they were of good character and bonded with true camaraderie among them. The name DSF as the group name themselves, meetings consisted of informal discussions about what they were going to do as a group. At that time not everyone was on board with starting a fraternal organization because of the negative stigma that surrounded Fraternities. However, after many lengthy meetings the group decided that they could change that stigma through positive actions

These eight young men binded by their friendship and camaraderie were enthusiastic about starting a club, as their excitement grew they sought to create structure of their ideas, a core value of friendship, harmony and building a better men. They decided to form a society, by maintaining a commitment to the ideals of academic excellence, better men to strive for excellence in all areas of his life and true brotherhood among themselves. The society chooses to adopt the formalized structure of the fraternity system.

social fraternity and sorority founded on October 2, 1978 in Zamboanga City. Its members are known as DSF & DeltanS or simply Sphinx. With college and universities chapters in Visayas and Mindanao and alumni members all over Philippines, United State of America, Canada & the Middle East countries.